New Patient Funnel

Never lose another new patient lead again! Right now you get new patients who sign up on your website, a landing page or make a phone call to your practice. Some of these patients don’t book, or answer the phone when you call them back. How would you like to have a communications platform that will store and automatically follow up with these leads, so that you never lose another opportunity again? With the New Patient Funnel, you never have to worry about losing a lead again.

Recall & Reactivate

10% of all your appointments will cancel, and each month you have many patients who become overdue and fall out of your recall follow up process. So how do you stop people from falling through the cracks into inactivity? Recall & Reactivate is designed to help you schedule patients who are not being followed up with and it will help you get patients back into your chairs who haven’t been in for years. This is the most powerful Recall & Reactivation program on the planet!

Unscheduled Treatment

Do you have patients that you present treatment to, that walk out of your office without an appointment? What’s your follow up process? With this product you can segment your patients into different groups with phone calls, text and email. This is the most powerful booking platform on the planet! Find out how you can make 10’s of thousands of extra dollars each month by getting your unscheduled treatment back into your dental charts.

New Patient Concierge

Why is it so hard to get new patients to show up to your practice? In recent studies no-show rates are up at an eye-popping 40 to 50 percent! Finally there’s a solution… Patient Concierge focuses on building a solid relationship with new patients before they walk through your doors, minimizing your now-show rates by cutting them in half. If you have no-show problems there is nothing better and nothing else like New Patient Concierge.

Get To Know Us

The Dental Game Plan Team

The laid back lifestyle of Southern California doesn’t really apply to us — we never clock out as our work continues 24/7. The core members of our company our committed to generating appointment numbers that drive your business, which is why we are known as “the performance company”. Our aim is to keep your calendars full so you can focus on the business of caring for your patients.  Our leader Josh Summers has set the DGP culture by example; one of diligent hard work, focused on the numbers and results that matter to you.

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