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There Can Be Only One…

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Not too long ago a doctor scheduled an appointment to talk to us about our 5 patient program.  He watched our entire presentation and afterwards he had several questions, as any good business owner would, he wanted to make sure that this was a good fit for his practice.

After our conversation he thanked us for our time and said that he would call us back, which he did about two weeks later.  He was having a really bad week with lots of empty chairs, both for him and his partner.  We regretfully had to tell him that we could not work with him at this time because another doctor less than a mile away from his office had already gotten the Dental Game Plan for that area.

If you are seeing this web page right now it’s because we have decided to market heavily in your area, and there is a good chance that your competition has or will be seeing our ads.  Once we find a dental practice in a market place we close it out and move on to another one (1 office per market).  So take a few minutes to review our program give us a ring and let’s work together to put your practice everywhere.  Get more info on our 5 free patient program now!

Forget What You Know About Dental Marketing

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Most dentists think that there is one magical solution that will fix all their marketing needs.  We’re here to tell you that this is not the truth.

With the Internet there are so many ways to get information, and any bit of information that your existing or potential patients find can cause you to sink or swim.  We will not only protect your reputation, but also create a platform where your practice can live and thrive online.

The Dental Game Plan solution is to be omnipresent; we will take your practice and put you everywhere, and create a situation where existing and new patients think you are the only choice for dentistry in your town.

Try our 5 free patient program today and watch how you can be everywhere overnight.

How open is your appointment book?

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The worst feeling in dentistry is when you walk into your office and look at your appointment book to see that you have half a dozen open appointments.  Having a successful dental practice can be difficult. With lab costs, rent, and salaries, you’re looking at an overhead of 60 to 80 percent. So you can’t afford to have openings in your schedule.

After all, it’s your appointments that bring in the money to cover all that overhead.  Not only is it financially painful to have open appointments but you also don’t want to just sit there for half a day with nothing to do.

You went to dental school to be a dentist.  That’s what you love to do and the last thing you want to do is worry about how you are going to fill your appointment book.  Today can be the last day you worry about openings in your schedule.  Once you get started on our 5 free patient program… The rest will be history.

I’m much happier when I’m busy…

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I love to be busy, and I like it when my staff is moving and the office is buzzing.  Before I found Dental Game Plan I wasn’t as busy as I wanted to be.  I couldn’t believe how many incredible programs were available for my office.  Before I knew it I was on page one of Google, posting every day on Facebook, and getting great reviews on Yelp.  I felt like I was everywhere.  In fact I saw one of my competitors at a dental seminar and he even brought it up.  I highly recommend Dental Game Plan; it will completely change your practice!

Daren Kessler

Are You Getting Measurable, Positive Results?

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If your practice had the flu would you simply prescribe an antiviral and say have a good day.  Probably not, you would want your practice to get better as fast as possible, so you would tell your practice to get plenty of rest, drink clear liquids, use a humidifier, take some throat lozenges, and maybe even Tylenol or Advil for aches and pain.

When you’re sick people avoid you and the same thing happens to your practice.  If you aren’t attracting patients, you’re losing them based on average rates of attrition.  Get your dental practice the medicine it needs to become healthy and strong.  Now with a complete dental marketing approach you can get 100’s of new appointments, more Facebook likes, Twitter followers, better online reviews with Google & Yelp, reactivate patients and much more.  Your practice will feel better than it ever has and be an unstoppable force in your market place.

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