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7 Reasons Our Marketing Formula Works

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There are so many different ways to generate more appointments and increase revenue for a dental office.  Thirty years ago it was easy, because you basically had two choices – the yellow pages and the newspaper.

Today you have Facebook, Twitter, Google, emails, postcards, Linked In, Yahoo, Mobile, Yelp and a hundred more I could easily put into this list.  So what do you do?  How do you choose which marketing platforms to spend money on? What is going to have the best return and which companies can provide you with the best solutions?

Well we have our own formula that has been tested and is proven to work in dentistry, and based on your goals we can implement one or all of these techniques to generate as many patients as you need:

  1. PPC – paid marketing on major search engines to get people who are actively searching for a service you provide
  2. Social Media Marketing to connect with existing patients and reach out to friends, family members and business targets
  3. Organic search results are listings of your website on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to being advertisements.
  4. Email marketing where we reach out to new move ins in your market place and those who are looking for medical services
  5. Patient Referrals which we all know is the best source of new patients and can really multiply your practice success
  6. Patient reactivation for those who haven’t been to your practice for over a year, getting them back in and back on track
  7. Direct mail for those campaigns that need a massive branding and direct response push


You can get many of these services in  our 5 free patient program.  You need to act fast because your market will not last, so request an appointment today and let’s talk about how we can build your practice and get you started with this incredible opportunity.

How Much Does An Empty Dental Chair Cost?

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We don’t want to bore you with a whole bunch of numbers that you probably won’t remember.  So let’s keep it really simple and to the point.  One good patient nurtured correctly can be worth thousands of dollars per year.

Take a minute to think of that one patient you met for the first time a few years ago.  You did a great job with the 2 fillings and a crown, and you bleached his teeth once for free.  With your generosity this patient begun to tell his friends, family and co-workers about how amazing your office is.

Today you see his whole family, relatives that live in the area and a bunch of his colleagues, and now these other patients are sending you their friends and family members as well, and this cycle goes on and on. You may or may not have a story just like this one but you can definitely relate to what we’re talking about. The more patients you bring in, the more opportunities you have to tell this story. Why wait? Let’s get you 5 free patients today, just verify your business and let’s get started!

Why Compete — When You Can Dominate?

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The best way by far to generate new and loyal patients is to have a story.  We all have a story, right?  Where we came form, what were now doing, how we got here and why we love doing what we do.

Well, what if you could tell your story to every new patient before they take one step into your office.  Yes I’m talking about high-end video production that can really connect with people and motivate them to become part of your dental family.

The best part about this video and high-end photo production is that you will have tons of assets that will help us generate multiple page one listings, short commercials, and an insight into every service you provide.

Sure this is going to cost you a few bucks to do, but in the end you are looking at a huge investment that will pay for itself 10 fold.  Find out how you can become the premier dental office in your town!

This is Why Your Staff Should Never Answer the Phone…

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“Hello, thank you for calling our Dental office this is Julie can you please hold.”  — Two minutes roll by like nothing… and !BAM! your potential NEW PATIENT is gone!

This happens more often than you’d like to admit.  New patients get stuck on hold all the time and end up hanging up because your front office is too busy and frankly may not care if you add more appointments on the books.

Look it’s not their fault, let’s face it these team members have to pull charts, answer phones, take care of billing, schedule future appointments, fill out forms, and probably a lot more.

Let’s not forget that on top of everything they have to do they have no real training when it comes to handling a cold market lead!  Why not let professionally trained dental operators navigate these new patient phone calls and turn them into booked appointments?

Now you can have these services as part of your very own Dental Game Plan.  Find out how by clicking here.

You Can’t Afford To Wait

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Unfortunately we can’t provide our services to every office and make them effective.  1-800 Dentist tried to do this and over-saturation made their programs virtually worthless to most dentists.  We are only doing business with one dental practice per city/market.

Chances are, if you are seeing this page, its because we have decided to open the market in your area.  So if you are interested, please contact us 24/7.  We have already had decline to do business with offices in markets where a deal has already been done, so don’t let this happen to you.

Schedule an appointment with us today and let’s get you started on the most powerful marketing platform in dentistry.

Omnipresence: Be Everywhere

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We’ve all been trained like monkeys from exposure to years of really smart advertising.  We have all been conditioned to react quickly and make critical buying decisions within milliseconds of seeing something.  Clever advertisers use our core values, emotional triggers and catchy media to connect with us and then continue to repeat the same message over and over again.  I’m sure you’ve heard the old advertising adage that you’ve got to make 7 impressions (or more these days) on a person in the market for your goods or services to make one sale.

The big guys are always everywhere… Walmart, Target, Amazon, Google, Ebay, Microsoft.  We can create a similar presence for you, in your market, by placing you in the path of your consumer until the decision is clear and you become the obvious choice.

Why Patient Feedback Is So Critical

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Have you ever lost a patient and thought, “wow, what did we do wrong?”  There is nothing worse than losing a patient to miscommunication or a misunderstanding.  So a top priority of ours is to make sure we hear and listen to the voice of your patients.

Opening up forms of communication also helps you avoid 1 and 2 star reviews online in places you don’t want them.  To get feedback we put in place a survey, and ask your patients about their previous experience at the office.  Having this information allows us to take action quickly to save a potentially bad situation and salvage a long-standing relationship.

Saving an existing patient from leaving is just as good if not better than getting a new patient. Right?

Hi My Name Is Lacey… How Can I Assist You

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Imagine that you had someone waiting by his or her computer day and night to answer any dental question a visitor had while browsing your web site.  Now imagine that this representative had been trained to know all the ins and outs of your practice so that the service was personal and to the point.

This person would be friendly direct and help you book new patient appointments, even when that new patient can’t pick up a phone because he or she might be at work. How do you think this would enhance the perception of your business?

What do you think this would do to the amount of people you communicated with on a daily basis? If you think it would help increase business… You’d be right!  Learn more about this service and how we can provide you with 5 free patients starting today!

Mission Impossible: The Plight of Dentistry

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You have to be a Dentist AND run a business!  Seems daunting and yes, sometimes may even seem impossible, especially if  you consider that the world is driven by technology and things can change in the blink of an eye.  That’s why it’s important to stay on top of all of it!  But what does that mean?  How can you know for sure that you are getting likes on Facebook? Reviews on Google or Yelp?  Page ranking in search engines? And clicks on your Adwords campaigns???

Maybe the better question is how can YOU do all of this and still treat patients, have staff meetings, work on cases, order materials, run payroll and try to have a life outside of work??? Sounds a little like mission impossible.  However with great teamwork anything is possible.

We want to team up with you and your practice to help you accomplish your new patient and financial goals to give you more personal free time and a more exciting work environment.

Which Numbers Matter?


I can’t tell you how many doctors have come to us and said “you know I’ve heard all of this before, all these companies show us these big numbers of how many people clicked and how good our online traffic was, but in reality we’ve spent thousands of dollars and only booked a couple of patients.”

We understand this concern and that’s why the most important number to us is the number of new appointments we help you get.  Sure the other numbers do matter, and it takes time to really build a great marking strategy, but if you aren’t putting patients into your appointment book… what else is there to say?

Why not add 5 new patients to your open schedule, starting today?

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