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Expert Dental P.P.C. Marketing To Build Your Practice

Here’s what you need to know to start Google Adwords for your dental office!

Long gone are the days when you could reliably expand your dentist office’s patient list with just word-of-mouth recommendations and paper fliers. Today, Google Adwords and dental Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) has become a crucial part of growing your dental practice. Here are the facts: over 72% of patients prefer finding local practices through online searches, and 98% of those patients choose offices on the first page of results. At Dental Game Plan, our incredible marketing team has 14 years of experience navigating the ins and outs of Google Ad campaigns and PPC marketing to put our dentists at the top of these results.

Our Google Ads for dentists also help you identify people who are actively looking for dental care like yours. Active searches are the bread and butter of growing your office because these potential patients are more likely to not only book an appointment but show up and get their treatment done. If you are looking to grow your dental practice, Google PPC is a no-brainer! So what’s holding you back? Don’t get sucked into the money pit of online advertising from marketing companies that don’t know the dental marketing space like we do. Choose the experts that specialize in dental marketing who make sure you start seeing results right away! Reach out to us at (323) 844-0339, and let’s get started on creating your dental game plan!

The Pitfalls Of PPC Marketing On Google

The crushing mistakes other companies make with dental PPC.

Maybe you’ve worked with a marketing company before and spent a lot of money, only to get very few new patients at the end of the day. Your Google PPC seemed too expensive with a lower return on investment than other marketing efforts? The most common reason this happens is that most marketing agencies don’t understand dentistry, even some who claim to be “dental experts.” This leads to lots of mistakes and wasted dollars. Here are a few examples:


One of the biggest blunders these marketers make is misusing keywords in these campaigns. Take the term “filling,” for example. A filling is used to restore a tooth against dental decay, but it also goes inside of a Twinkie. Attracting the wrong online traffic with bad dental keywords can cost dentists hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost ad spend.

Dental Keywords

Competitor Terms & Negative Keywords

You don’t want to pay for a click on an ad when a patient is looking for your competition’s office. However, this can happen frequently without negative keywords to remove competitors from your ad campaigns. Many marketing agencies don’t understand that this is a problem unique to dentistry. Some of these clicks can cost seven to ten dollars each, and they add up quickly to easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Competitor Terms & Negative Keywords


When optimizing your Google PPC account, the most important time to make any tweaks or changes to your online advertising is at the very beginning. Most marketing companies don’t pay attention or don’t understand dentistry well enough to update ads and adjust strategy in ways that will help grow your practice.

Account Optimization

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Doing Dental Pay-Per-Click The Right Way!

From Google Ads to bid strategies; Dental Game Plan is the PPC Expert in Dentistry!

If you’re like most dentists, you don’t have many new patients walking through your doors on their own. It takes a lot of effort on your part to attract them. In fact, the average dentist spends upwards of $500 dollars to acquire a single new patient. This can quickly add up, especially when dental marketing companies put that money towards services that don’t give you your money’s worth. At DGP, we’ve laser-focused our marketing to lower the price of acquiring a patient to fractions of what other companies can. We also follow a philosophy of total transparency, so you always know exactly where and how your budget is spent. The beauty of pay-per-click Google Ads is that customers are already looking for the service that you’re offering. With proper optimization and ads tailored to those services, we eliminate all the guesswork and excess expenses other dentists deal with to secure new patients. Attention to detail helps you stay out of “average” territory and excel in dental PPC marketing. Our ads are targeted to meet prospective patients’ needs. Someone looking for “dental implants” will see an implant-specific ad that leads to an implant-specific service page on your website. Designed well, this web page will drive them to fill out a form or make a phone call to your office. Put together, you get the most patients for the lowest cost possible.

Sending Your Traffic To The Right Place

Avoid a dead end and lead new patients down the path to conversion!

Once a patient clicks on your ad and they’re on your website, what happens next? You want to make sure your website is designed to help guide that patient towards a phone call and booked appointment. Certain elements of a dental website are proven to increase the chances a patient will call or use an online inquiry form about your services. These two actions are called conversions and can be tracked in your Google PPC marketing campaigns. Conversion is where all the magic happens!

One conversion feature we love is live chat. If a patient has any questions, live chat on your page can answer them fast! Statistically, live chats increase site conversions by up to 5%, which can be a game changer for your paid campaigns! Another great feature is professional video, which gives the patient an opportunity to get to know you and your staff before stepping into your office. Other conversion factors we employ include before and after photos, accolades, and site speed. Our marketing and web design team are experts at making the most of your PPC to improve the number of phone calls, bookings and new patients you get at your office.

When you reach out to us, we’re ready to help you install these great conversion factors and more into your online marketing. Give our team a call at (323) 844-0339 to get started!

Quality Score & Its Effect On Your Dental Marketing Campaigns

See how quality score can have a big impact on your Google PPC marketing efforts.

Most people think Google’s number one objective is to make money. However, their first responsibility is to ensure that you get exactly what you want when you type something into their search engine. If you typed in “dental braces” and every search result was a webpages promoting teeth whitening, you’d stop using their site. That’s why Google uses an algorithm for their advertisers called a Quality Score, graded on a scale of 1 to 10. Quality score makes sure that your keywords, ads, and landing page are all talking about the same subject. If you’re promoting dental implants, you want your ad to use implant-specific keywords and talk about your amazing implant special, and your landing page should feature your implant service. When done right and your content lines up together, our marketing team can help you bring up your quality score until it’s high—between 7 and 10. Google rewards high quality scores with lower costs per click, and the algorithm will display the ad more frequently. A high quality score can save up to thirty or forty percent of your budget! For high-performing, low-cost conversions, this may require fifteen to twenty landing pages. Our team at DGP have got you covered. We understand that having quality content in alignment with your ads is one of the most crucial parts of PPC marketing. The next is optimization.

Tracking & Pay-Per-Click Optimization Tracking & Pay-Per-Click Optimization

Stagnation means defeat! Always improve your performance bit by bit.

If you don’t exercise, you gain weight. If you don’t brush your teeth, you get a cavity. Anything you neglect will decay over time, and your dental PPC campaign is no exception. Marketing is not a one-time thing but an involved process that continuously improves so you stay on top of the results. At Dental Game Plan, we track your clicks and costs to optimize your Google and online marketing and ensure your results don’t stagnate. With our years of experience understanding the field, you can trust us to help you generate better results day by day, week by week, and month by month.

Our optimization starts with keywords, ads, and clickthrough rates (the number of clicks on your ad versus how many times that ad was seen). Making tweaks or changes to these three elements lets us drastically improve your marketing campaign’s performance on a long-term scale. The next part of this optimization comes with on-page conversion using heat maps and analytics, which guide your patients to higher conversions.

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Get The Dental Game Plan Advantage With Google Adwords

Marketing methods and strategies made just for dental practices like yours!

Plenty of companies use Google Adwords for dentists, but none of them possess the specialized knowledge and expertise that our team at Dental Game Plan has in the dental marketing space. We have over a decade of experience building campaigns and landing pages just for dentist offices. We have a library of knowledge and ready-to-go content that will save you time and money. We understand the dental industry at its very roots, and we’ll deliver you a well-optimized campaign within your marketing budget.
We can also help beyond that initial patient phone call to get patients into your office. Our proprietary phone technology is unrivaled, and the top training we provide our call staff (or yours!) guarantees you get more patients through your doors. So stop wasting time and money with marketing companies that only guess at how to bring you the results you want. Call us now at (323) 844-0339 and start walking the winning path.

What is ‘Google Ads’ and how does it work? accordion arrow down accordion arrow right

Google Ads is Google’s advertising system where advertisers bid on certain keywords for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Advertisers pay per click, so our marketing team makes sure your PPC costs are well-worth it as you get high new patient follow-through rates.

How much does ‘Google Ads’ cost? accordion arrow down accordion arrow right

In dentistry, the average cost per click on Google Ads is $6. However, this can vary widely depending on the specific network and service. For example, the Google Search Network is as high as $35 dollars per click, while the Google Display Network is about $1 per click.

How much should my dental office budget for ‘Google Ads’? accordion arrow down accordion arrow right

Google Adwords works on an algorithm, analyzing your clicks and conversions to give you better results over time. However, if you don’t spend enough money, this algorithm won’t work in your favor. We suggest that you spend no less than $1500 a month (about $50 dollars per day) on your Google campaigns. However, if your budget allows for more, you can see even greater returns.

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