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Dental Facebook Marketing:
Using Social Media To Boost Your Dental Office

Facebook ads, leads, and campaigns that will grow your practice!

With over half the planet using social media, it’s time for your dental office to engage, pun intended, if you aren’t already. Word-of-mouth and referrals aren’t enough anymore to grow a practice to the levels you want. Neither is relying solely on a website for your online presence. If you really want to market yourself with maximum firepower, social media marketing is key. The average American spends over three hours on their smartphone per day. Nearly two-and-a-half of those hours are on social media. It’s now expected that the average adult will spend a whopping six years and eight months of their lives on social media! You don’t want to let this untapped potential go to waste.

Most dentists still haven’t unlocked the full potential of what they can accomplish with these sites. Some haven’t yet caught up with the transition to online dental marketing and have made Facebook pages for their practices that are completely bare of anything. To make the most of social media, you need to be part of the informed and prepared business owners operating on the cutting edge of marketing and technology.

The more savvy businesses can segment their audiences by certain criteria using online tools. Once narrowed down, they can focus their efforts on potential patients who meet those specific intersections. For example, a dentist may want to segment an audience by focusing on people living within a 10-mile radius from the office, are aged 65+, and are seeking dental implants. However, not all segmentation is so easy to uncover. At Dental Game Plan, we take the guesswork out of dental Facebook marketing to make attracting new patients to your office easier than ever. Contact our team at (323) 844-0339 to start getting your dental marketing strategy together!

Facebook Marketing For Dental Offices

Cost-per-lead is low if you know what you're doing, attracting the right patients straight to your office!

It’s never been easier to market your business on Facebook. Dental marketing Facebook ads is a lower-cost option compared to Google Adwords, with cost determined by the service you’re offering, your location, and more. If you know what you’re doing, like our expert dental marketing team does, you can keep a low overhead while seeing great results. Facebook has several features that a savvy dental office can take advantage of. With Facebook ads, we can easily segment your audience to patients of a certain age, location, and specific dental need—cosmetic, emergency, restorative, etc. Unlike Google, Facebook users aren’t actively searching for your dental services. Facebook ads are considered interruption marketing, and you run the risk of showing users something they don’t want. Still, it’s best to cast a wide net, and Facebook has a myriad of features that elevate it from pure interruption marketing to “advanced interruption marketing.” Our marketing team has mastered the art of interruption marketing, casting a wide net in a short period of time to reach hundreds and thousands of potential patients instantly. We can also capture a large audience of potential patients that even Google Ads can’t reach! Facebook builds a profile on all its users, so we can use it to more accurately target those patients in need of a dentist. The same is true for Facebook-owned Instagram, which uses the same tools and technology. With both sites, profiles ensure only potential patients are going to see your ad, keeping irrelevant and uninterested users to a minimum. We can also boost posts so that they appear to a wider range of people than those originally targeted by the post—while still maintaining a relevant audience. For instance, an ad shown to members of a particular Facebook group will also be marketed to their friends or members of similar groups. Our marketing team can also use lookalike audiences to target users similar to existing and potential patients. We’re completely transparent in our marketing, so you always know where and how you’re expanding your audience.

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Combine Social Media Marketing and SEO

We make online marketing work in your best favor, through Facebook marketing and beyond!

Many dentists and marketers are unaware of the powerful connections between social media and search engine optimization. However, we take full advantage of how Facebook and Instagram ads and Google search results go hand in hand. We use these online dental marketing channels to build off of each other and generate new results, clicks, and potential patients to your dental practice. By maximizing all your social media marketing has to offer, we can boost your ranks on Google and drive more traffic than ever onto your website and through your office’s front doors.

Boost New And Returning Traffic To Your Page

Trust us to know how to engage and guide your followers toward that coveted conversion.

If you have a Facebook page, it can be difficult to grow your followers and keep your business dynamic by yourself. Frequently posting can be a great way to create and boost engagement, but the wrong kind of content can have your page looking like a ghost town. Too many dentists—and even other marketing companies—don’t understand how to get people liking, commenting, and sharing their posts and videos, wasting valuable time and money. Marketing your office through social media is different from any other dental marketing. Blog posts, Google Ads, emails, and even traditional channels like postcards, TV, and radio are a whole other ballgame, and you shouldn’t have to test the waters to see what sticks and what doesn’t. Here at Dental Game Plan, we not only understand the content that gets visitors to your page and reacting to your posts. We’ve also mastered vital online tools, like Facebook Pixel, that maximize your Facebook and Instagram marketing to their fullest potentials. We can help you track ad conversions, build target audiences, optimize your posts and ads, and grow your office to unseen heights. If you’re ready to skyrocket your dental practice’s Facebook and Instagram presence, you can reach out to us at (323) 844-0339 today!


Surpass Your
‘New Patient Goals’
With Dental Game Plan

Why pick Dental Game Plan? We’re masters of the craft!

Marketing your dental office through social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, require dedication and expert understanding of the field. Most “dental marketers” don’t know the ins and outs of what makes these sites tick—and how to use them to your best advantage. At Dental Game Plan, our skilled team has been studying and working the dental marketing field for over 14 years, and we’ve grown alongside it. We’ve helped countless dental offices make their presences online, building and expanding their businesses like they’ve been trying for years or even decades.

It’s time for you to set your sights higher, and use Facebook and Instagram marketing to the potential they’re meant for. Page and ad clicks, video views, post likes and comments, target and segmented audiences, and many more are our specialty! We have the right knowledge and tools to propel your stats sky high and get those new patients in your chair. Our staff has a specialized command of both marketing and dentistry. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’d love to help you with your dental marketing game plan. If you’re ready to finally boost your practice to new heights, call our team at (323) 844-0339 today!

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There are several ways to market your dental office on Facebook beyond targeted ads. You can establish your practice on the site by creating a business page or join or make certain Facebook groups. You can also make posts on your page and ask people in your network to share your posts.

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Most studies agree that once a day is the best choice, with a maximum of two posts per day. For smaller dental offices, patient engagement drops around 50% if they post more than once daily. If you can’t post daily, you should post at least three times a week. The Dental Game Plan team can take the ball and run with it. Let’s talk!

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Daily posting is always best to keep your office in patients’ minds, but generally, the best day to post is Wednesday at 11AM or at 1PM. The worst day to post is Sunday, which sees the lowest amount of engagement.

Win Big With Our Facebook Tips & Tricks