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Few understand the world of D.S.O. marketing like Dental Game Plan, and we do it like no one else.

Dental support organizations (DSO’s) can be huge patient and revenue drivers for the business-minded dentist. However, when you own several different locations for your dental practice, your dental marketing campaign shouldn’t be the same as if you were a single office. Finding a marketing agency for a single office can be difficult on its own, but getting one that can manage all of the additional challenges and intricacies of a DSO can be even trickier. When attracting new patients to your offices, you’ll need aggressive and interlinked strategies that take advantage of the unique opportunities your DSO presents.

Luckily, at Dental Game Plan, we make it easy no matter how many locations your practice owns. We’ve been in the dental marketing field for over 14 years, and we use a mix of our expert experience, unique technologies, and specialized team to grow your DSO to even greater heights. From TV commercials and dental postcards to call center technology, we can employ a wide variety of personalized marketing strategies designed to boost your practice like you’ve always wanted. We can help with it all—let us use our DSO marketing techniques to raise you to the next level. Give our team a call at (323) 844-0339 today to get started!

Putting Your Marketing Efforts In The Right Channels

Most of your DSO marketing efforts are in vain! We help you focus on what really brings results…

Too many marketing companies don’t understand the dental industry, let alone marketing for DSOs. Not only do they not put together subpar strategies and content that brings in paltry results, but they don’t know how to bring a DSO’s unique strengths to the table. One big advantage of DSOs is that they cover an extensive, interconnected area. However, rather than taking this regional advantage, other marketing teams may focus solely on each office individually rather than the DSO as a whole, leading to higher costs.

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The idea of running regional ads isn’t so hot for single-location practices... but for DSOs, it makes plenty of sense. If you have 7 or 8 offices, you’ll want to reach far and wide to grab the attention of as many potential patients as you can. At Dental Game Plan, our dental marketing team has the expertise to produce high-quality TV, radio, print ads, and signs at the regional level to bring you the amazing results you want. We also have the know-how to drive the costs down so your budget goes farther! In fact, this is one of our specialties.

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Whether through online marketing or more traditional methods, you can trust us to choose the best marketing strategies for your DSO. We continuously analyze and optimize our dentists’ marketing strategies so that they are always producing great results. This can include making small tweaks and adjustments or identifying the most productive leads and cutting out any unnecessary efforts to maximize your success. Our team is always 100% transparent with our DSO marketing campaigns, so you always stay in-the-loop on how and where your budget is utilized. Call us today at (323) 844-0339 if you’re ready to get your marketing game plan together!

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Building An Efficient Call Center

When you have too many calls for your staff to handle, it’s time to give your phone system an upgrade.

While a single office can often work fine with a small front office staff to man the phones, the same isn’t always true for a DSO. The more offices you have, the more phone calls your team will need to handle and get into your busy schedule. And if your website is designed with our Click-To-Call technology, then you’ll find your phones won’t stop ringing. The best way to handle this is with a call center for all of your locations.

The Power Of A Great Reputation

At Dental Game Plan, we have created proprietary call center technology that allows your offices to run smoothly even while their phones are ringing off the hook. With a centralized team, your practice can easily handle any office call while quickly making any transfers to other locations, as needed. A centralized call center also improves your DSO’s efficiency and lowers your total overhead costs. Our primary goal is to ensure your offices have the jam-packed schedules needed to jumpstart your practice and boost your revenue sky high!

The Power Of A Great Reputation

Don’t have enough people on hand to handle your large volume of daily calls? We’ve got you covered. We help many DSOs with supplemental call center staffing who are specially trained to get patients from an initial inquiry to booking their appointment, no matter the day or time. They can skillfully navigate the questions, concerns, and pitfalls that can often arise during patient calls while getting new patients excited for their upcoming visit. Our call center can also help with recall patients and ensuring your practice keeps a loyal patient base, even as your DSO continues to grow to even greater heights.

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Don’t Let A Single Patient Fall Through The Cracks!

Our predictive dialing technology is lightyears beyond the competition, ensuring your patients keep coming back for more

When building up your DSO, it’s not just pulling in hundreds or even thousands of new patients each month that matters. Your practice won’t grow without solid loyalty between your dentists and existing patients. The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 Rule, states that 80% of your revenue will stem from 20% of your patients. That means making sure you’re ready to make the calls needed to bring your current patients back into the office once it’s time for their next dental cleaning or checkup.

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The average call center staffer makes 20 to 40 calls a day, not including taking calls from incoming new or returning patients. That’s peanuts compared to what we can do. With our unmatched predictive dialing technology, Dental Game Plan has the ability to make 300-400 calls per day across all of your DSOs locations. Our programs dig deep and zero in on thousands of your current patients who have fallen through the cracks of the scheduling system, which we call “reactivation.”

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Once a patient picks up the phone, they can instantly speak to either your team or our supplemental call staff without any delay. While the calls are made automatically, our call center technology ensures that the call center team instantly has everything needed on-hand to book an appointment. This includes not just the patient’s name and insurance information but the exact location they’re with. Want to learn more about how our call center and DSO marketing team can help your practice? You can reach our team at (323) 844-0339 today!

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The exact number is difficult to calculate, but the top DSOs in the United States represent almost 4,000 locations. At Dental Game Plan, we work with a number of DSOs across the country (and some outside it) to help them turn higher profits and grow their practices like never before. We have also helped dentists with turning their single office into a multi-location practice, so we’re ready to make your DSO a success no matter what stage of the process or level you’re in.

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According to the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute, only 7.4% of all practicing dentists in the U.S. are affiliated with DSOs. While this style of dental business is certainly not for every dentist, they can be an incredibly successful and lucrative asset to the dentists that need them.

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DSOs are only continuing to grow more and more popular, with no hints of that changing anytime soon. Current changes to the dental industry make it easier for DSOs to attract more and more dentists every year. Additionally, with expert DSO marketing teams like ours taking charge, it becomes increasingly easier for multi-location dental practices to rapidly and successfully grow and expand. For some of the most successful DSOs, it can even be possible to turn their offices into a multi-million dollar business!

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