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Use TV And A Great Dental Office Commercial To Your Success

Get ready for your close-up and see how you can boost your practice with incredible dental TV ads!

Since its invention, television has become an increasingly popular and powerful staple of the American household. The average person spends 3 hours and 35 minutes a day watching television, and a lot of that time is spent seeing commercials and ads. In the past, most dentists haven’t used this incredibly helpful and ubiquitous marketing tool when trying to grow their practices. They worry about the potential higher costs compared to other marketing methods like radio or the transition from local TV to more individualized On-Demand and streaming content.

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This is where we come in. At Dental Game Plan, our experts help you get ahead of your competitors through the best dental commercials. We’ve been in the dental marketing field for 14 years, and we understand how to use TV campaigns to best help your expanding dental practice. Not only do we keep things as low-cost as possible, but we take advantage of the innovations currently changing the TV landscape that other offices don’t understand. We’re also entirely transparent in our marketing, so you know what you’re spending where. You can see your budget turn into new patients and revenue in real-time!

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With our help, we can keep both commercial marketing and production completely in-house, so the entire television marketing process can be totally smooth sailing. Among our staff is a winning team of writers, videographers, and editors who can create personalized, high-quality dental TV ads that show off your practice’s best side. Once everything is together and your ad is on the air, you’ll start seeing the incoming calls ramping up your new patient numbers like never before. Can’t wait to see your practice hit the small screen? Get the best team for the job and give our team a call today at (323) 844-0339!

The Secret To Your Office’s Commercial Success

Geolocation is not just for internet marketing! Smart TVs have quickly caught up with internet-age advertising.


TV Ads With DSOs & Smaller Practices

No matter the size of your business, Dental Game Plan can help expand your practice with personalized and targeted TV ads.

Dental TV ads are great for DSOs. With local TV airtime, you can advertise your office and promote any treatment specials to tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. For the same cost as for a single office, you can highlight all of your locations simultaneously and reach more potential customers than ever. We’ve seen this happen with Clear Choice, which took this to the national level. By running country-wide television ads on implants, their business boomed! Even while you’re on the more local scope, we can use similar strategies to build your DSO higher and help turn your practice into a multi-million dollar business.

If you’re running a smaller, single-office practice, you can still see your TV ads make a huge difference to your growing patient list and full schedule. While it won’t be quite as cost-efficient, it can still bring in thousands of more monthly revenue depending on the promotion. For example, we highly recommend focusing on top-dollar value dental work rather than general dentistry. By driving up patient numbers for orthodontics, dental implants, or other specialty treatments, we can easily build up your small practice to greater heights. With the use of more targeted advertising, our commercial team can be sure to better find the right audiences.

However, a common problem we see is staff having too many calls for them to manage at once when commercials air. At Dental Game Plan, we have state-of-the-art call center technology we’ve created to make things smooth and simple for you. We also have supplemental call center staff who are trained to fill any gaps and get patients from the initial call all the way into the dental chair. Let us work with you to produce dental office commercials that rise above the rest! You can reach our incredible creative and dental marketing team at (323) 844-0339 today to get your TV campaign started.

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Streaming Ads: The Future of Dental TV Ads

We know which way the wind is moving, and we make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

If you study the trends, it’s clear that traditional television viewers are aging while the younger crowds are gravitating towards Netflix and internet-connected streaming devices. Internet-connected TV (CTV) is the new reality of television, with over 74% of Americans owning at least one connected TV device. In fact, CTV advertising requests have reached an amazing 1640% per year. Plus, TV streaming sites are booming too! Many streaming sites include free versions with ads or, like with Hulu, different ads for both its paying and non-paying subscribers. It’s time you make this field your dental marketing playground. The simple truth is that not many dentists know of this space. You have a chance to corner a rapidly-growing market at such an early stage and use it to launch your practice higher. That’s why we don’t just leave everything to traditional local and cable network advertising. You can count on our team to show your office to younger, more modern audiences on streaming sites. Like smart TVs, CTV takes advantage of highly targeted marketing, making it a snap for experienced dental marketers like us to advertise your growing practice. Don’t hesitate to make this early switch for even greater success, and call the Dental Game Plan team at (323) 844-0339 today!

What are the advantages of TV advertising? accordion arrow down accordion arrow right

Television advertising has a few benefits that other mediums do not. Compared to other traditional methods like radio and postcards, video combines both sight and sound together to make seeing truly believing. TV can also reach a wide yet targeted audience, both through local-only channels and more diverse online avenues.

How many commercials are in an hour of television? accordion arrow down accordion arrow right

For a 60-minute TV spot, the program itself is often only about 42 minutes long, with just over a quarter of an hour for commercial breaks. Commercials are either 30 or 60 seconds long, with full minute-long commercials being less common. Depending on the advertisers and length of the ad, there can be anywhere between 15 and 30 commercials during a single spot. When creating your ad, we’ll go over the logistics or ad length, budget, slot availability, and more to ensure your practice’s commercial makes the most of its screen time.

Is there a limit on TV commercials? accordion arrow down accordion arrow right

According to the Federal Communications Commission, there are no fixed rules that regulate the amount of time a network devotes to commercials, even when it comes to Smart TVs and streaming. However, except for specific programs dedicated just to commercials and infomercials, advertising is typically limited to about 6 to8 minutes for 30-minute programs and about 15 to 17 for hour-long shows.

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