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Become A Master Of Dental Social Media With Dental Game Plan

Expertly surf the waves of social media management for dentists to grow your practice to new heights!

72% of the American public uses social media, and that number is only continuing to grow. As of 2019, Facebook ads have outpaced print media ads, and that’s just one social media site! If you don’t already have dental social media content and accounts ready for your practice, you’re making a huge mistake! Another major blunder is offices making Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts but never using them—or at least not to their full potential. An active social media presence attracts new patients to your office, keeps existing ones engaged, and even helps your practice’s website rank higher in social media searches.

But what are the best platforms to use? And what are you supposed to say on social media? How do you know you’re reaching the right people—those who need dental care right away and want to give your dental clinic a call? At Dental Game Plan, we’ve been answering these questions for over 14 years, learning all of the secrets behind social media for dental practices. We’re one of the few dental social media marketing companies who specialize solely in the dental marketing field with a level of expertise and talent that brings our dentists incredible results.

From Facebook [mETA ] posts to Instagram ads, we use the unique tools of each site along with attention-grabbing copy, /images, and video to draw more patients to your dental clinic. What’s great about dental office social media is that you can keep track of how well your posts are doing in real-time. We can then make any adjustments or changes to make sure we keep your social media game at its best. Our team can also use advertising on these sites through targeted marketing that only reaches users and groups likely to check out your practice. This means your dollar always goes farther and with more successful results.

If you’re ready to get the best dental social media posts for your practice, give us a call at (323) 844-0339 today!

Eye-Catching Dental Content For Social Media

Count on the Dental Game Plan team to ensure you and your practice stand out from the crowd in the digital world!

Feel like your dental social media ideas are strong, but you’re just not hitting your audience with enough firepower? What type of content are you posting? Our dental social media agency has been helping practices market themselves online for over a decade, and we’ve consistently seen them make the same simple mistake. They often stick to text-only posts, believing that amazing copy and good deals are enough. However, for many social media users scrolling through their phones, a post needs to catch their attention immediately or be lost to the rest of their feeds. That’s why striking visuals are a must if you want to grow your social media presence—and your new patient list. At Dental Game Plan, we can show off your practice’s good side without sticking to the same generic office photos and happy patient pictures that your competitors post. Before and after photos, infographics, dentist photos, and more are just some of the few ways we can make your dental clinic shine! Videos are an especially great asset in our repertoire, helping bring your practice to life! Not only can our video team shoot and edit dentist interviews and office tour videos, but we can create educational animations about your practice’s services. With engaging content, you’ll find reactions, comments, and shares on your posts make for a booming dental office!


Attack With A Unified Front!

We keep your social media accounts linked together like a multi-headed hydra to beat out your competition.

There are a wide number of social media platforms on the internet, and it’s always good to have more than one to rely on. The more profiles you have, the better outreach you have with potential patients. However, you don’t have to divide your time between each one with your dental clinic social media marketing. Once we’ve put together your social media accounts, our team can manage them simultaneously and even interlink them for maximum outreach! We also make sure that your accounts are synced with each other, so your dental social media posts always maintain the same message and branding you want.

The best dental social media accounts also link back to your practice’s website as well as your dental blog, if you have one. While amazing Instagram or Facebook post ideas for dentists can attract lots of eyeballs to your practice, the ultimate goal for social media is to get your followers to make an appointment. And the best way to do that is with a linked and well-designed website, creating a funnel to guide potential patients to call your dental clinic with the simple click of a button.

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