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Premier Dentist Websites With Dental Game Plan

Give your dental website the boost it needs to attract new patients and grow your practice!

Facebook ads and Google results can help build your practice’s online presence, but they’re nothing without a dental website for potential patients to visit. get your dental practice’s name out, the first real introduction potential patients have is with your office’ website. Your dental website can make or break visitors’ impression of you, your staff, and your office. It also acts as a familiar point of contact for existing patients to easily reach you. If your website is stuck in the 90‘s or early 2000’s, it’s time to get a serious upgrade.

We’re long past the days when blocks of text, hard-to-navigate pages, and slow site speeds were all you needed to get people to your site. Sleek and modern website design for dentists is the only ones that rank high on search engines and draw in hundreds or thousands of new patient leads a month. At Dental Game Plan, we’re unrivaled when it comes to creating some of the best dental websites for our dentists. We’re not just interested in ensuring your home and service pages look pretty—though we certainly do that too. We also make sure your website runs like a dream and makes the most of your online dental marketing potential!

Customized design and layout that meets your practice’s individual personality, speedy and user-friendly interfaces, and incredible SEO content that shows off your office’s good side, and more… Our team understands what it takes to give you and your patients an amazing dental website experience. Before you know it, you’ll have hundreds of new patients calling you and filling out online forms for an appointment! Let us help you design a website that users love and helps your practice stand out above the rest. Call (323) 844-0339 today to get one of the best dental website companies on your team.

SEO Is Key To Your Website’s Success

We’ve mastered SEO strategies for dentist websites so you don’t have to.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for a dental website and is key to growing your practice. Most patients nowadays find dentists through This will ensure that your site shows up at the top (or at least close) of internet searches for dental practices. Optimizing your site isn’t a one-and-done task, but rather a multifaceted endeavor that covers a variety of factors.


Search engines promote web pages that closely match the exact terms users search for, it’s critical that these keywords and phrases are threaded throughout your website. Choosing the best keywords that are both popular and not too competitive is often a struggle for other marketing teams. However, our 14 years of dental marketing experience ensure your site is optimized to rank high quickly.

site speed

Google’s algorithm prioritizes websites that are quick and load fast. The average desktop or mobile user only gives a site a few seconds to load, or else they leave. As one of the best dental website design companies, we have created our own unique systems and technology that ensure your visitors never have any lag or delay, no matter the device.

online reviews

Since Google always wants to put the best search results first, patient reviews and online reputation can impact how well your office’s website ranks. If your Yelp profile or Google reviews are sparse or less than stellar, our team has systems in place to get the raving reviews you need to boost your online star rating.

social media

Too many dentists create Facebook [META] and Instagram accounts for their office but never use them. However, social media doesn’t just help keep new and existing patients engaged with your practice. It also feeds back into your website’s SEO rankings. By keeping active on social media, you can start seeing traffic flowing faster to your practice’s site.


Writing the Right kind of Copy

Here are a few ways to give your reputation a much-deserved boost.

A sleek-looking website is nothing without the friendly, engaging copy that shows visitors to your site that you’re the best dentist to take care of their smiles. Great dental copy also aims to closely match the terms and phrases that most patients search for on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At Dental Game Plan, our content team understands how to write killer, SEO-friendly copy that helps your practice rank high in search engine results. All of our copy is completely unique, which is critical even if you own a DSO. Search engines prioritize original content, and their plagiarism detection technology is highly advanced. With our professional dental marketing writers, you have nothing to worry about.

Premier Dentist Websites With Dental Game Plan

Our content team also pays close attention to your site’s readability level. We know that you’re smart and understand dentistry like the back of your hand, but not all visitors to your site are as well-read or informed. When marketing towards a general audience, it’s always better to keep the writing as simple and straightforward as possible—typically between a 4th and 6th grade reading level. Well-written and patient-first content without confusing dental terminology also lets you enjoy the added benefit of new patients feeling less nervous about their upcoming treatments. Soon enough, you’ll have calls and online forms flooding your front office and filling up your schedule!

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Making Your Dental Website Fun

Our web designers and content team can help jazz up your dentist website to engage your patients!

At Dental Game Plan, we’re dedicated to helping you create a dental website that operates smoothly and is a cut above the rest. With great website development for dentists, your practice’s site will naturally drive users towards making an appointment. We do this by making your site as engaging as possible. Some of the bells and whistles we love incorporating are quick conversion tools that make it easier for patients to get in contact with your team, such as click-to-call technology. We can also include a live chat option, which allows your office to interact with potential patients in real time and learn about the kinds of services a patient’s interested in.

Content can be engaging as well! Besides written copy, patients love when there are visual elements to make their upcoming treatments come alive. They also help your website stand out from the crowd of text-heavy dentist sites. From photos and infographics to high-quality videosv, patients can get a second-hand look at what visiting your office is like. With dentist interviews and dental patient educational videos for websites, our team can help you with every step of the process. We have a team of writers, videographers, and editors who make sure your site’s videos are top-of-the-line.

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

If your practice’s website doesn’t look and function great on mobile, there’s something wrong!

The majority of internet traffic today is made on smartphones, but many dentists’ websites are only built for computers and desktops. This is a common mistake our team sees, whether these dentists are using ready-made site templates or working with other web developers. And unfortunately, This blunder often costs practices countless new patients who move onto the next mobile-friendly website instead. Patients looking for a dentist don’t want to struggle moving around and navigating your website because of poor site design, especially when they’re in a time crunch in a dental emergency.

At Dental Game Plan, we take mobile users into account from the start, ensuring all of our custom websites are as mobile-friendly as possible while still keeping your practice’s vision intact. Smooth switches from portrait to landscape mode, easy-to-use navigation bars, optimized /images and videos, ultra-fast loading times and site speed are just a few of the many elements we consider. Our development team takes every aspect and detail into creating the best dental website design for all users and visitors. We’re also always ready to make any adjustments to accommodate your or mobile users’ needs.

How much does it cost to build a website for my business? accordion arrow down accordion arrow right

This depends on the features and services you need when it comes to your dental website design. Live chat functionality, number of service pages, SEO capabilities, domain name and web hosting, videos, tap-to-call technology, and more are all common elements we build into our sites. Our team can also help with shooting and creating personalized, high-quality dental videos for your website, which will affect your cost. At Dental Game Plan, we operate on a total transparency policy with our dentists. This ensures you always know precisely how your budget is used where and can easily work to make any needed adjustments.

What is the difference between a website and a domain? accordion arrow down accordion arrow right

A domain is simply the name of the website that appears in the URL, sans the “www.” or “.com.” For example, ours is “dentalgameplan.” The website itself is the collection of home and service pages that your patients will be interacting with. When you buy a domain, you have purchased the name for the site, but you still have to build the site! While there are quick templates available, the best dental websites that attract hundreds and thousands of new patient leads a month use customized designs that show off an office’s unique side.