DGP Testimonials

The Before and After Snapshot…

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Before I started working with Dental Game Plan we had the top organic spot for [total sleep dentist Los Angeles], which my old website manager told me produced a lot of web traffic, but in a year we probably only got 1 or 2 patients from it.  Dental Game Plan came in and changed everything, they created our website, shot the videos and pictures, wrote the text content and created a unique story about our practice for our patients.  Now we get new patients almost daily.  I can’t see how anyone could go to our website and not want to be a patient of ours.

Kenneth Lee, DDS

I’m much happier when I’m busy…

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I love to be busy, and I like it when my staff is moving and the office is buzzing.  Before I found Dental Game Plan I wasn’t as busy as I wanted to be.  I couldn’t believe how many incredible programs were available for my office.  Before I knew it I was on page one of Google, posting every day on Facebook, and getting great reviews on Yelp.  I felt like I was everywhere.  In fact I saw one of my competitors at a dental seminar and he even brought it up.  I highly recommend Dental Game Plan; it will completely change your practice!

Daren Kessler