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Use These Tips To Reach Out To Your High-Risk Dental Patients

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Many patients, especially high-risk patients, are scared to walk into your office. Technology can make it so that even the most fearful patient can get the care they need.

It’s no surprise to anyone that COVID-19 has made a lot of patients nervous to walk through the front doors of your dental practice, even now that quarantine has lifted. And for patients who are at a higher danger of contracting the coronavirus, the reopening of your office can seem especially scary. However, bacteria, plaque, cavities and other dental problems wait for no one and no virus. No matter their risk level, more and more of your patients need to come in for their much-needed dental appointments.


Overdue routine cleanings, procedures half-completed before quarantine began, and dental emergencies—it’s absolutely critical to both the success of your office and your patients’ dental health that they all feel safe and comfortable getting the treatments they need. That’s why I’ve spent these past few weeks discussing and problem shooting this issue with over 50 dental offices across the country. Together, we’ve identified and tested a few ways you can make even the most vulnerable patient feel like they’re in the best hands with you and your dentists.


One of the most important focuses we’ve found is communication. Proper communication with your office can help you overcome the fears your patients have built up over the months. You need to build their trust so that they feel safe enough to come into your office. While some patients may need only a single phone call to do this and get them booked, a lot of others, particularly special patient populations, will need a lot more care and consideration to get them past their valid concerns and worries.


A really great and unique way to tell them about your office’s safety measures is to show them. A picture’s worth a thousand words, after all. Create a short video tour of your post-quarantine office and send it your patients’ way. In it, you can explain just what you’re doing to follow the CDC’s recommendations and keep them safe when they come in for their visit. If you’re going above and beyond those safety regulations, then don’t hesitate to include those, too! This video doesn’t need to be long—keeping things as sweet and simple as possible has proven to be the most effective—but it does need to show the level of care that you’re putting into their well-being. You’ll want to cover things like:


  • Your processes
  • The equipment that you’re wearing (gloves, masks, face shields, gowns, etc.)
  • How you’re spacing patients out appointment-wise and in your waiting room
  • The care you’re taking to keep your office clean in between patients


Another thing you should take advantage of is the number of ways you can get in touch with your patients. Don’t be afraid to use as many forms of communication as you can to reach out to your patients. Email blasts, mass broadcast text messages, and phone calls are all essential to crossing that distance barrier between you and your patients. If you reach them by phone, go the extra mile to personalize their call by letting them speak to the dentists and hygienists they’ll be seeing. As nice as your front staff might be, your patients need to trust you and your judgment so much more.


Once you get in touch and book their upcoming appointment, don’t wait until they finally come in to talk with them again. In these uncertain times, you need to make sure that their confidence in you, your staff, and your office is unwavering. Continue to contact them periodically to check up, remind them of their appointment date and time, and overall continue to make them feel good about coming into your practice. Using a drip email sequence, which notifies your patients of their upcoming visit at scheduled times, is a good way to do this. Just a few lines about your COVID precautions in each one can do a lot to show patients your dedication to them.


The way you talk to your patients can make a huge difference to your success, as well. Constant phone calls, emails, and text messages are great ways to get your patients’ attention, but if you don’t use your time with them well, all of your efforts can all be for nothing. Your message and delivery are the most crucial aspect of your patient outreach. Is your content easily understandable to your patient? Does your tone show you as friendly and approachable enough to encourage questions, responses, and, of course, that all-important call to schedule their next appointment?


If, after your conversation, your patient still doesn’t feel comfortable coming in to see you, it’s not the end of the world. Instead, you have a unique opportunity at your fingertips: teledentistry consultations. Quick 15 minute digital consultations allow you to check in on your patients’ teeth and dental health all while allowing them to stay safe and self-quarantined in their homes. This is a great option especially for your high-risk patients. For more accurate results, you can try sending your patients a camera before the appointment so that you can get dental-grade photos in real-time.


Teledentistry calls can also work two-fold. Not only can you use these digital appointments to perform long distance exams, but you can also let your cautious and high-risk patients know how you’ve changed your office post-COVID to stop any possible spread of the coronavirus. Talking with them face to face can go a long way to help them feel safe enough to come in for their next appointment. If they’re open to the possibility, you can even use this time to book their overdue cleaning in a few days or weeks’ time.


If you need help writing a script for your office video or what you should say in your emails and texts, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and my team. We’ve been focusing on these exact methods to help our dentists bounce back from quarantine stronger than ever, and we’re happy to help you accomplish the same as well.

Preparing Your Office For Your Post-COVID Patient Backlog

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Changing how you manage your office can maximize your schedule and get you caught up on your growing list of overdue patients!

Now that we’re entering the final stages of COVID and our country’s beginning to open up again after quarantine, it’s time for you to figure out just how to make up for months of missed patients. You can’t rely solely on telling your patients everything you’re doing post-quarantine, either. Making them feel safe during your reopening can get them to agree to come in, but that doesn’t solve every issue. I’ve spoken with a lot of dentists over the past few weeks, and they tend to be in one of two situations. Either their schedules are completely booked with everyone rushing back for their long-due visits, OR they’re struggling to get patients through the front door.

No matter what their schedules look like, however, these dentists have the same problem: their office isn’t booking the number of appointments they need to catch up on their lost patient revenue. Where your office is at right now—the amount of manpower, the number of patients you can see in a day, even your hours of operation—is not enough anymore. The way you ran your ship might have worked before the pandemic, even without CDC recommended restrictions, but now your schedule can’t keep up with the level of output you need. To compensate for those months you were closed or operating only at 10% capacity, things need to change. And the first step is looking at how you run your office.

How many patients can you see in a single day when you’ve fully booked your schedule? 10, 20, or maybe even a few dozen? You need to get that number up as soon as you can both by looking at your schedule itself and your staff operation. One thing you can do is expand your schedule to allow patients to come in when it’s not during their work hours. Try either opening your office earlier in the morning or stay later in the evening when they’re just getting off the clock. Maybe even do both!

For those of you that only work on weekdays, think about opening up on Saturdays and even Sundays to reel in those patients whose own schedules make it hard for them to come in even in your extended hours. This change doesn’t have to include full treatment availability requiring all hands on deck either. Many of your patients are overdue for their 6-month dental cleaning. Solely offering hygiene appointments on the weekends can make a huge difference and start making a dent in that building backlog.

Another way to make it easier for your overdue patients to fit into your schedule is setting up assisted hygiene in your office. Instead of having a single hygienist work alone to treat each patient one by one, you can bring in an assistant to speed up the process a little. Together, the two can efficiently work out of two chairs at once, going back and forth to finish up both appointments faster. This can shrink your usual 45- to 50-minute appointments down to just 30 minutes. And by cleaning their teeth at the same time, you can see nearly twice as many patients in a single day.

Now that you’ve opened up a lot of time and slots in your schedule to see your overdue patients, you still need to make sure that you have people coming in to fill in those new holes. Availabilities are awesome, but they won’t do you much good if you don’t use them to their full potential. This is where your patient outreach comes in, and I don’t just mean putting in a good word over the phone about what your office is doing post-COVID. You need to make sure people pick up the phone in the first place.

We live in an age of rapid advancement in technology. It’s time to put all of your available avenues to good use for your office. Simple things like predictive dialing, mass broadcast text messages, and email blasts make it easy for you to directly reach patients and get them booked for their next appointment. Don’t hesitate to use all three together rather than choosing and sticking to just one. Different people have different preferred modes of contact, and utilizing multiple channels better ensures that at least one of them will make their mark.

It’s also crucial that you don’t stop contacting your patients until they finally pick up. I know that it might feel a bit weird or pushy at first, but you’ll be approaching hundreds or maybe even thousands of patients a day rather than the usual 40 or 50 your staff might be used to. Reaching out to them only a single time, especially when they might be at work, have their phones off, or just unavailable at the time, means that hundreds and thousands of potential patients will continue to slip through the cracks. Keep calling, emailing, and texting them these reminders to make sure that as many of them as possible can answer and get marked down in your schedule.

If you need any help getting these systems set up or you’re unsure how to use them to their maximum potential, you can reach out to my office and me. We’ve been working with over 50 dental offices across the country for weeks testing and ensuring these methods work effectively. We can even supply you with the people you need to get your patient outreach working at full capacity. There’s nothing like a 24/7 response team to tighten the gaps in your operation and to make sure no patient falls through the cracks in these strange and stressful times. Together, we can make sure your office reopens out of quarantine stronger than ever before.

Loyalty is a Two Way Street

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It probably goes without saying that the most important aspect of running an effective practice is building on patient relations. It makes sense in any business to strive to provide a service that promotes an organic sense of loyalty. This approach will always result in a more concrete outcome than mere frequency. In the long run your business will prosper greater while continuously learning more from the patient about the service you are providing than to simply invest in repeat service.

Now, imagine from a patient’s perspective the results of having this kind of experience. Wouldn’t you feel compelled to share these results with family, friends, and even casual acquaintances when conversation provided a relevant opportunity? Of course! We all love to discuss quality customer service interactions that far surpass the average day-to-day encounters. This is because it feels good to be treated as a valuable individual rather than just another face standing between you and the end of a busy day on the clock. In fact, the only thing that could make that appreciation feel even better would be if you were rewarded for your satisfaction!

…And this is exactly what the “kudos!” loyalty program represents. An incentive-based opportunity for patients to redeem points that are directly acquired through expressing the sincere satisfaction they already feel.

Patients that enroll in this loyalty program are already genuinely excited to praise the sincere service they were provided by the office, staff, and doctors. The kudos! loyalty program encourages these individuals to get out there and spread the good word to friends and family on a wide array of social media platforms. This form of business representation is without a doubt an imperative deciding factor for new and prospecting clientele in our modern times.

Just think of the number of people that are out there right now meticulously scanning review sites for the perfect restaurant, barber, or yes… even dentist. This form of research has become so popular for the basic reason that we want to hear real experiences, not advertisements. Promoting a business is much more easy and effective when done internally. Acquiring new patients can be an expensive process compared to nurturing those we already have. Simply put, retaining current patients and keeping them fully satisfied is a much more efficient way to promote any practice. This method becomes a self-sustaining machine that provides research on specific incentives and dislikes that will fuel patient’s decisions.

Another glimmering attribute of a loyalty program such as kudos! is the client’s incentive to share these experiences on personal social media pages. The result is increased local exposure towards any number of vast individuals that may witness it through some form of association. Social media allows a multi-channel vehicle through which to communicate a voice to others. This builds real customer relationships based on relevance and allows loyal patients to directly impact a company’s profitability through actively referring others to your business, saving you the marketing and advertising costs of acquiring them as customers in the first place.

It is infinitely more profitable to lose bad patients than to invest the time and energy that it costs to acquire new ones. The kudos! program rewards our best patients in the same way that it gives the extreme alternative less of a reason to stay, providing the room for a plethora of quality new patient arrivals and interest. Excelling in customer service and problem correction through an insight of authentic reviews builds trust, a key element for all long lasting relationships. Also, the more activities that a truly satisfied client participates in, the more promotional material you have available online, resulting in more satisfaction among the clients that you already have and will inevitably gain in the process.

Every business must develop and deliver a consistently branded experience for its customers, and the essence of this brand should be evident in every interaction a customer has with the company. This enables the client to form an emotional attachment with the brand. Actively engaging patient’s and public relations will finalize in making them WANT to promote your business and the highly responsive services it has provided.

The best loyalty programs in the world are ones that are truly customer-centric in every way. Taking a look at your average experience with your average business will reveal that the most common method of approach is to be either product-centric or service-centric. Meanwhile, those who have fully realized the immense value of a customer-centric approach have thrived well beyond competitors. Adopting this ideal approach usually means changing several generic procedures, however. All marketing and sales services must be merged without a stitch. Examined data is going to be much more useful when segmented by customers instead of products.

The kudos! program provides data that is already customer-centric by its very nature, and implementing this loyalty program as the cardinal opportunity that it is provides a merging of data that crosses all platforms and data pools. Differentiating your business from others in a way that focuses less on the claims of your own products and services, and instead more on the real-world results that are being proudly exclaimed by the patients that are sustaining it.

Get On Top, Stay On Top and Leave Your Competition Behind

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As a dental practitioner your number one goal is to take care of every patient that comes through your doors by giving them healthy, beautiful smiles however, sometimes there just aren’t enough people coming through the doors. To get more new people into your dental chairs you must have solid marketing strategies. I’m going to assume you aren’t investing in mass-market, big-budget, TV and radio promotion — good glad you’re not wasting your money.   Here’s the question I ask doctors when we meet for the first time; What’s your current strategy and is it based on strong marketing fundamentals?

First, let me say this I don’t believe competition actually exists. I believe you can completely dominate and  control your market place. Dentists that buy in to the approach I’m advocating in this article are going to get the biggest piece of the pie by doing things bigger and better than everyone else. Not just by a little bit, by a lot!

The main thing you need to know is that you can’t just rely on the basics. Sure, working with your existing patients to generate referrals will always be a part of your marketing strategy but it’s just one small piece, and to be honest I haven’t met a dentist yet that can’t improve this part of their business, so the good news is that everything your doing can and will get better! If you want great success you have to appear to be the best right from the get-go. You must have an omnipresence, you must be everywhere and the quality of your brand must stand far apart from everybody else.  The marketing areas you must focus on are:

1. Direct/Outdoor (Postcards, Mailers, Door Hangers, Billboards)
2. Search Engine Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Internal Patient Referrals
5. Reputation Management
6. Patient Re-Activation

If you ignore any of these areas, you are losing ground exponentially… conversely by doing something in each of these areas you are compounding your gains. If I were to give you the choice of taking 3 million dollars right now or a penny that doubles every day for 30 days what would you choose? The 3 million bucks right? Guess what… I’m taking the penny and here’s why; by day 10 I’ll only have $5.12, but I know that the power of compounding results will get me all the way to $5,242.88 by day 20 and when it’s all said and done I will have 5,368,709.12 over 2 million dollars more than the person who takes the 3M right of the bat. I’m here to tell you that putting together all of your marketing techniques you can stand to see the same kinds of compounding results for your dental office. Why? Because by being everywhere you create the perception that you are the best!

You’re probably thinking that to do all of these things will be expensive, and how can you be sure that you will see a return? I’m not going to tell you that marketing is a sure thing, it IS a gamble and so many dentists have failed by trying just one or two of these strategies, before giving up — because of the wrong approach… and that would definitely make anyone a little “gun-shy”. That’s why if you follow our plan to the letter, we guarantee new patient results! We know that if you do all of the right things, the right way, you will see huge increases in your new business which means more profit.

You need to have a strategy for each one of the six (6) marketing avenues outlined above and it should be comprehensive and work seamlessly with the other five. So, if you’re too busy to sit down and plan all of that out, you can simply hire us to do it for you. If you are looking for an assessment on how you are currently doing in many of these areas, we are providing a comprehensive report card on where you are and where you need to go. If you are interested in seeing this report give us a call today at (323) 285-0016. We look forward to speaking to you soon!

“You Want Me To Do What?!? Give Away My Services? Are You Crazy??!?!”

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Over the years, we have found that dental internet marketing hinges on new patient specials. Yet with every new client that comes to our program, I spend countless hours working to get them on board with the notion that new patient specials are not just needed but critical to growing their business long-term. So I would like to take a minute to discuss some of the objections I listen to over and over again and how I’m likely to respond should you and I ever have this conversation in person.

Client: I really don’t want the kind of new patients that are shopping for a deal
Jessie: You must play to your audience! The vast majority of surfers online are shopping for a deal. This is the current trend in our internet based society. We have gone back to coupon clipping and deal hunting. Why pay more if you do not have to? The dental office down the street that you are competing with has new patient specials and accessible offers out on the web and in print. If a potential patient is looking at several offices online and all have great reviews and a good internet presence, why would they choose the office not offering a deal? After all, most people have a try-before-buy mentality as there is no guarantee that they will like the location, staff, or the dentist, so why not choose the business offering service at the least initial out of pocket expense?

Client: My hygienist makes 40+/hour, her time is expensive so I don’t want to offer a cleaning, exam & x-ray deal
Jessie: If you give no other offers for new patients, this is the one to give! I cannot stress this enough. Patients looking for a cleaning, exam and x-ray are dream patients that will be gold for you in the long run.  The patients who are concerned about their dental health and are making it a continual priority are the patients who will opt to get a root canal and a crown immediately when the problem arises instead of letting the problem deteriorate until they are in pain and have no other choice but to come in and have the tooth extracted. Patients who are actively seeking a cleaning when they have no other underlying issues forcing them to seek out a dentist are the patients you want. Also, cleanings and exams are where you find that a patient may have issues they don’t know about and you’re able to schedule them for a return visit. Not only should you offer new patients a cleaning, exam and x-ray special, you should roll out the red carpet for them and congratulate them on being mindful of their dental health.

Client: You want me to offer too many specials, can’t we just have one new patient special?
Jessie: Again, you must play to your audience! A patient who just broke their denture does not care about a cleaning, exam and x-ray offer. The patient searching for Invisalign or Veneers is not interested in your Implant offer. We make it a point to have one “closing” offer and one follow up “treatment acceptance” offer for each and every major service your office is marketing. If you are running ads and ranking organically for lets say root canals, you absolutely must have a root canal offer and if you are running ads and ranking for the keyword implants you absolutely must have implant offers and so on.

Client: They just come in and take advantage of the deal and never come back…
Jessie: This answer may sound a little harsh and I will admit to saying this more diplomatically for our clients but the truth of the matter is that… “This is on you!” Our job is to get the potential patient through the door and the your job to make the experience one worth coming back for.  In other words, you need to WOW them with your very best customer service and do whatever it takes to make them comfortable in your office. Then, as much as you may hate it, you must offer them a SECOND INCENTIVE to entice them back. Once you have them in the door with a low or no cost incentive for a consultation, you need to follow that up with an additional offer geared towards treatment acceptance. If they come in for an emergency consultation and you determine that they need an extraction, follow that up with an offer for a percentage off an implant. And make sure to provide the patient with payment plan options.  Then and only then will you have cemented yourself as their long-term provider.

If you take nothing else from this read, please take this; The value of a new patient is not merely found in how much they spend during one visit. The value of a new patient that is inspired to become a returning loyal patient, who is committed to their oral health, is found over the potential years they are with you, the friends and family that they refer to your business, and the potential compounding effect of those referrals that lead to other referrals and so on.

Please keep in mind that with our front-loaded, incentive based approach immediate results are not always easy to see, but stick with it. I find that even after hours of discussion, some clients reluctantly agree to offer the incentives we require solely based upon the fact that they are foisted upon them as a condition of our guaranteed results. Over the course of the next several months, while these client adjust to the new way of doing business, we inevitably hear complaints, rebuttals, case studies and other myriad reasons our incentive based approach just isn’t working.  These dentists are looking for ways to be right and so they tighten their grip and shine a spotlight on each and every new patient that comes to them and fits any earlier objection and parade those stories into my inbox, with an unspoken “I told you so!” And without fail, about 3-4 months down the line when patients are flooding in and the numbers game is playing out, I magically stop hearing those objections. By this time in the process we are getting so many awesome patients with the incentives that the occasional ‘dud’ doesn’t even factor in. And in truth, I often have clients who come back to me months down the road with their own great ideas for new and exciting incentives!

What Your Office Is Really Saying

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Often times when a patient calls in to your office directly, they are greeted with a busy receptionist with a lot on their plate. Most likely scenario is they are probably sitting in front of a patient that is waiting to be checked in or out, and they have 5 other telephone lines ringing to be picked up.

Of course we know your office cares deeply about each and every patient that comes in to see you.  Moreover, you we know you care about the overall customer experience and how that translates to long-term success for your practice in the form of loyal clientele and glowing reviews online.  The question is; are your office staff currently doing what is necessary for you to realize these goals for every, single person that picks up the phone and dials your number?

In our abundant experience we’ve learned that the main reason(s) a new patient calls is to book a routine appointment, an emergency appointment, or get a quote on a service. At Dental Game Plan, our operators are never too busy to answer even the most long-winded questions a potential patient can come up with.  We’re thorough, kind, understanding and above all good listeners — when it’s all said and done our goal is to get them to come in to your office for a new patient consultation or exam.

We like to think of any patient that actually calls in for an cleaning, exam or other routine appointment, as “gold-star” patient. If handled correctly, these patients will be return patients, or patients that show up on your online review sites — and know the value and importance of regular oral maintenance. We typically pass these patients directly to the office to book an appointment, and know a bit of a wait for the appointment will usually not be a big deal.

When an emergency patient calls in for an appointment, we always like to get them in as soon as possible. Sometimes a “tomorrow appointment” will automatically result in a hang-up. Having space in your schedule, every single day, for these inevitable calls is of utmost importance. Though, they are not always return patients, they will know you will be there for them if they need you again.

We know that prices given over the phone are valuable to the patient, but they can often be inaccurate, and exaggerated. Having the patient come in for a free exam is a huge benefit to the patient, and your office.

When you receive a quote for a service, what is the first thing you do? Whether it be auto, home repair, or a medical expense, you typically call around for a second quote. If your office is giving quotes, without seeing the patient, and your quote turns out to be too high, or too low, you will have an unhappy patient, guaranteed.

At Dental Game Plan, we believe the most important thing to do with a potential new patient is relay a general, honest sense of care for their comfort and well-being. We have staffed our call-center with people whose main goal is to be there for your potential patients-in-need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our compassionate operators always ensure that callers know we believe their time to be valuable, that we care about their financial situation and are sensitive to any extenuating fears or anxiety.

Booking a new patient appointment, for you (our client)  is our number one goal; however, we always go that little bit extra, to show callers that our focus is 100% on them  — we want to make that first impression the foundation for a quality long-term relationship.











Together We Can Stop The Machines!

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How many times have you called an office, a restaurant, or a doctor and had the phone ring and ring until it clicks over to a prerecorded message. “Sorry we are not in right now…” Of course you don’t know what the next part of the message is, because you already hung up.

A recent study found that 75% of all calls sent to voice mail, hang up. EVoice also did a study, and they found that of all messages left, 33% of them are not ever even checked. This undoubtedly is harmful to any business.

So what is the solution?

Many companies have turned to an answering service who will answer your phone calls when your office is not open, and will relay the messages to the office when they are open again. This of course is not the most desired option, because there is still a disconnect between the office and the answering service when operators are unable to fully assist the caller.

At Dental Game Plan our operators are specifically trained and knowledgeable in the field of dentistry, we are HIPAA compliant and are able to speak to your new patient callers 24/7, while representing your office to the highest standard. Our operators are able to relay pertinent office information, answer patient questions and even book appointments for you where there are openings in your schedule.

Above all, keep in mind it is vital that you have a living, breathing human available to make a connection with each and every caller, so no onegets left behind in “voice-mail purgatory”. Building a relationship over the phone, is the first step in securing a new patient connection, and integral to having long-term rapport.





Social Media Icons: The Symbols of this Generation

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Social media icons can be found everywhere these days. They are used by businesses of all kinds, and act as visual imagery to relay a message. They are used not only to increase brand exposure, but also to encourage customer interactions.

Social media has grown immensely in the past several years, and continues to grow at a pace faster than ever before. It is now an essential part of custom dental marketing. Much of this growth is due to changes in technology, especially on mobile devices. As technology changes, so must your marketing. Techniques that were successful, just a couple of short years ago are now ineffective and perhaps even nonexistent. To even be considered, you MUST have social presence.

Let me show you who has the opportunity to see your online presence – According to Pewinternet , 82% of adults ages 30-49, 65% of adults ages 50-64 and 49% of adults ages 65+ use social network sites! Were you aware of this? These numbers are astronomical!

Here is what we challenge you to do – put yourself out there and get yourself seen! Simply adding social media icons to your website, and even your office e-mails, sends a HUGE message. This will tell your patients that you are right here with them in current times. It tells them that you want to stay connected, and that you are interested in anything that they have to say! For more social media tips, take a second to watch this video on how we do things hear at Dental Game Plan for our clients.

All reviews are good reviews

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More people are leaving more reviews overtime.  This graph shows the percentage of different generations who have posted a review online as of the first quarter of this year.  At that time, 63 percent of Millennials have posted a review online.  With numbers like this, you can see how important it is to make sure that every review counts.

All of your reviews will not be positive.  The fact is, no one is perfect and we all have room for improvement.  The same is true for your dental practice.  You can benefit from those less than stellar reviews by learning from them and making positive changes in response.  With every bad review there is the opportunity to address the complaint and make sure that someone else doesn’t have the same experience and leave a similarly bad review.  For example; lets say someone leaves a review stating that they waited a long time before being seen or they felt your staff wasn’t as welcoming as they could have been.  You might take a step back, look at and see where you can make adjustments and ensure there are new protocols in place so your front office area isn’t seen as a “waiting room”.  Notice how long you are spending with your patients in the back versus how long they wait for you up front and see if that ratio can be improved upon.  Find out why your staff isn’t making it a priority to welcome every patient that comes though your door and stress to them the importance of doing that, maybe you can teach them how to be more engaging during your next staff meeting.

Reviews are some of the best tools for insuring that your business is the best it can be.  Make sure that any bad reviews you might receive become beneficial to your practice.

How To Truly Connect With Patients on Social Media

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In this day and age, social media is a critical part of your marketing!  You probably already have some engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and more, and if so – you deserve a pat on the back! But now, let me ask you this… What type of content are you putting up on these sites?

It is your goal to get as many page likes, shares, comments etc., but are you providing your audience with content they can connect with? Sure they want to see that you know what you are doing, with amazing before and after pictures. They might even like to read a short blog post including dental education. But if we are honest with ourselves, most people don’t scroll through their news feed hoping to learn about the root canal process. Would you? (Dentist, don’t answer that Ha Ha).

Visual content is CRITICAL. Here is something that time and research has proven your audience does want to see: Real time pictures of real people! They want to see the latest training you received or when your dental assistant gets engaged. They would love to see the charitable event you attend every year in March. Let them celebrate with you by posting pictures of an office staff member’s birthday celebration or dressing up for Halloween!

Equally as important, they want to see your patients! Share a celebratory photo of a patient whose braces you just removed after 2 1/2 years or a patient’s new smile after implant treatment! Share the humor in a patience numb mouth after prep work for a crown.

Getting pictures of your patients can be challenging, but don’t worry, we have you covered!! Try using posters! Posters with bright colors and fun captions are a wonderful ice breaker, allowing your patients to get involved and even allowing it to be FUN! Something like “My dentist rocks” or “My lips are numb”. How could anyone turn it down? Display these funny, light-hearted placards  in your operatories and around your office and get the conversation started.

Showing potential new patients that you offer a fun filled, yet also professional dental practice is critical. There is no better way to do this than showing off happy patient photos with you and your office staff! Allow people to become connected with you on a personal level! Good luck and happy picture taking!