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“You Want Me To Do What?!? Give Away My Services? Are You Crazy??!?!”

Over the years, we have found that dental internet marketing hinges on new patient specials. Yet with every new client that comes to our program,…

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What Your Office Is Really Saying

Often times when a patient calls in to your office directly, they are greeted with a busy receptionist with a lot on their plate. Most…

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Turning Review Readers into Review Writers

As hard as it may be to believe, just because someone reads your patient’s reviews, that does not always mean that they will feel inclined…

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Together We Can Stop The Machines!

How many times have you called an office, a restaurant, or a doctor and had the phone ring and ring until it clicks over to…

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Social Media Icons: The Symbols of this Generation

Social media icons can be found everywhere these days. They are used by businesses of all kinds, and act as visual imagery to relay a…

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All reviews are good reviews

More people are leaving more reviews overtime.  This graph shows the percentage of different generations who have posted a review online as of the first…

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Getting chatty with your patients

As of January, 2015 it was estimated that 74% of people are connected to some form of social media. That means that 74% of all…

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How To Truly Connect With Patients on Social Media

In this day and age, social media is a critical part of your marketing!  You probably already have some engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and more,…

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Quick tip videos are great for social media

When was the last time you sat down and actually watched a video that was over 3 minutes long, while browsing through the Internet? Recent…

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A Custom Dental Website By Itself Does Not Guarantee New Patients

So your custom dental website looks pretty sleek and professional but your phone just isn’t ringing off the hook… That’s because a nice looking site…

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