5 Things You NEED to Have a Super Successful General Dental Practice

5 Things You NEED to Have a Super Successful General Dental Practice

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Sometimes I get an inspired thought and today I am going to open up and really speak my mind.  I have been very fortunate to have met and worked with some of the best dental offices in the Untied States and conversely have also have had the chance to help dental offices that struggle to pay their bills.  Today I’m going to share with you the BIG differences between these two types of practices and do it in a very plain and simple way.  In fact I have broken it down to 5 points, which are:

  1. High producing dental offices have incredible systems; these offices train staff members to help the doctor educate the patient and even prep them to hear the diagnosis.  After the patient has heard this from a team member it’s easy for the doctor to come into the room and get cooperation from the patient about the treatment plan, and in many cases it results in acceptance of that treatment!
  2. The doctor never sells treatment – Getting patient acceptance can take a lot of time, and the office produces more revenue when the doctor is working, not when he or she is trying to convince a patient to buy something.  The internal systems of an office can make or break it and having someone who is really good at educating and getting the patients agreement is crucial to the overall success of a general dental office.  Of course there are exceptions to this concept but they are few and far between.
  3. I have also noticed that great offices always get patients in right away and they start early.  If a patient is in pain get them into your office fast and early in the morning.  You may not be able to work on them then and there but if you can get them out of pain, then you can schedule them for later that day or the next day.   If you don’t have early appointment times or squeeze times these patients that are in pain will find someone else that does.  Some offices don’t like to start early but all of our information shows that office that have early appointment times get a lot fewer no shows and cancellations which means they are collecting money!  Also someone in pain needs a root canal, an extraction / implant or at least a filling / inlay, onlay.  Which all are good revenue generators for every office.
  4. Great offices also know how to work with their existing patients to produce a lot of patient referrals.  They are always talking to happy patients saying “the best compliment you can give us is to refer us a friend or family member” or “we would love to have more patients like you… If you know of anyone who would like to come see us we would love to hear from them.”  How many patients from your office refer you more new patients?
  5. Incredible practices have also created a perception of being the leader in their community.  This has to do with great marketing and advertising, popping up on every media platform and really being what I like to call omnipresent, or everywhere your prospective patients are.  Dental Game Plan creates this kind of exposure and helps offices build incredible exposure through high-end media, article writing, and advertising.  There is no company better to put you at the top of your market and leave your competition far behind.

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