How Much Does An Empty Dental Chair Cost?

How Much Does An Empty Dental Chair Cost?

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We don’t want to bore you with a whole bunch of numbers that you probably won’t remember.  So let’s keep it really simple and to the point.  One good patient nurtured correctly can be worth thousands of dollars per year.

Take a minute to think of that one patient you met for the first time a few years ago.  You did a great job with the 2 fillings and a crown, and you bleached his teeth once for free.  With your generosity this patient begun to tell his friends, family and co-workers about how amazing your office is.

Today you see his whole family, relatives that live in the area and a bunch of his colleagues, and now these other patients are sending you their friends and family members as well, and this cycle goes on and on. You may or may not have a story just like this one but you can definitely relate to what we’re talking about. The more patients you bring in, the more opportunities you have to tell this story. Why wait? Let’s get you 5 free patients today, just verify your business and let’s get started!

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