Here is Why Your Website Will Never Work

Here is Why Your Website Will Never Work

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Look you may think pandas and penguins are cute cuddly black and white animals that wouldn’t hurt a fly.  But in reality Penguin and Panda are the updates that Google makes each year, and the truth is they are vicious little creatures ready to destroy your ranking and any hope of generating new patients for your office.

Right now with Google’s latest update many of your sites, built even in the last few months, are going to be extinct within a year.  To combat this we have built a platform that will allow us to update all of our client’s websites with a push of a button, every time Google makes an update we make adjustments and then pass those changes along to you, making sure you stay on top of technology and remain relevant in the ever changing search engine universe.

But wait… There’s more, your website is also most likely missing the key ingredients to turn a visitor into a new happy patient, we call these ingredients conversion tools.

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