Our Playbook

PPC Campaigns

(Why it works for us and not for you)


PPC Doesn’t work?  That’s what you think. See how we book patients every day for our clients using our customizable and consistent game plan.  The average dentist sees between three (3) to five (5) percent conversion on their campaigns but with our 24-7 skilled dental operators, live chat website support, and our tried and tested marketing system we often see conversions up to thirty (30) percent.  Let’s book some patients together soon!

Social Media

(elite practices do it right)


It’s time to connect and really get involved with your patients.   Look I know you don’t have the time and your staff doesn’t have the time to correspond with your patients, but for less than 10 dollars a day we will do it for you and do it well.  Let’s work at this together and really get your patients active and involved in your practice.  Today’s office can’t be complete without a social media program.  Get social now!

Social Marketing

(social media for lead generation)


Yes you can advertise on Facebook, linked in and twitter! You may have already known this, but did you know that we can target really specific information on an individuals and attract a really amazing patient on social media. Target these guys with age, sex, location, where they work, what their interests are, and much more. Let’s get in touch and have a conversation with these people on a platform where they browse for over 3+ hours every day.

Online Reputation

(people can’t wait to give you an amazing review)


This program gets ‘lights-out’ results!  People really get into being able to share their ‘Smile Forward’, and getting your patients on board they share great details, stories and overall experiences with friends and family members!  Not only do they pass along this information to others but they get something in return as well, that comes from a third party (us, not you) so no conflict of interest.

Google Organic & Google Local

(when you know how it works, you can be aggressive)


Organic and local results are the best results for any dental office. We guarantee page (1) one results in 60 to 90 days or you don’t have to pay us . We will write unique content, and blast your website out to many high-traffic P.R. websites to generate a ton of new traffic for your dental office. Find out how we can improve your organic Google and Google Local rankings quickly and efficiently to generate high quality patient leads.

Direct Mail

(as in direct e-mail — print can’t compete)


Let’s face it most mailers don’t work any more. You used to get two to three (2-3%) percent return on this type of advertising and today your lucky to see a tenth (.10%) of a percent return. Direct mail is cost prohibitive and you have to use it many times before it can actually begin to deliver results. Well, why not take the same targeting strategies and put it toward your email campaigns, link that up with a cart-able program and, boom,  you have a successful campaign. See how emails can be very effective, with multiple messages and no postage costs!

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